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FMCA Committees
Committees, 2014-2015

FMCA's committees assist the Executive Board in promoting FMCA's mission and purpose. Most changes in FMCA policies, procedures and member benefits stem from the recommendations from committees.

The national president appoints committee members, who often have a particular interest or skill that falls within the committee's focus. Some committees are ongoing, while others form for a specific term or purpose. Please contact FMCA's National Office at (800) 543-3622 if you have a question for a committee or if you would like to reach any of these members.

Audit Committee

John Reynolds, F171042, Chairman
Percy Bell, F371754
Bob Birett, F359317
Jim Duncan, F253901
Karen Pratt, F261969
Frank Taber, F350335
Wilburn Young, F207019

Cincinnati Support Committee

Gloria Adcock, F311374, Chairman
Andy Balogh, F316832
Pamela Bell, F371754
Betty Duncan, F253901
John Ferrari, F369332
Charlotte Gibbs, F278983
Patsy Kessler, F101741D
Connie McCabe, F216277
Susan Montgomery, F336413
Ann Hubler Nebel, F205021
Jayne Reynolds, F171042
Roger Roush, F243374
Sondra Walker, F268778

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Vicky Ferrari, F369332, Chairman
Myron Dagley, F205584
Darrell Gilliland, F153488
Phyllis Johnson, F391816
Bob Mills, F273086
Arvin Spofford, F294804

Convention Committee

Jon Walker, F268778, Chairman
Kathie Balogh, F316832
Jim Duncan, F253901
Dick Gibbs, F278983
Jim McCabe, F216277
Harry Montgomery, F336413
Robert Nebel, Jr., F205021

Education Committee

Gaye Young, F284657, Chairman
Betty Brewer, F189790
Bruce Fay, F396122
Debra Rohrbaugh, F141061
Herbert Vogt, F334196
Jon Walker, F268778
Chip Wright, F268074

Finance Committee

Percy Bell, F371754, Chairman
Bob Birett, F359317
Karen Pratt, F261969
Frank Taber, F350335
Wilburn Young, F207019

FMCA Chaplains

George Archer, F288074
Jay Blumenthal, F230605
Alfred Gallant, F323511
John Gallant, F323511

FMCA Review Council (elected 2013-2015 term)

Don Crawford, F11012, Chairman
David Barr, F185713
Sheri Brewer, F182646
Judy Czarsty, L79148
Lloyd Holloway, F45889D

Governmental and Legislative Affairs Committee

Jim McCabe, F216277, Chairman
Phillip Griffin, F128165
Fred Kennedy, F44281

Long-Range and Development Committee

Judy Czarsty, L79148, Chairman
Ken Carpenter, F312233
Lon Cross, F233066
Barbara Smith, F329936
Jon Walker, F268778
Dianne White, F327320
Brett Wolfe, F252125

Magazine Panel

Pam Alspaugh, F538D
Leonard & June Davis, F158928
Keith Hobson, F344046
Jim & Ginny Holifield, L387
Loren Hollister, F297088
Loren Maurina, F402833
Michael Middaugh, F3456
Jack Peters, F163677
Bob & Sioux Smith, F122125
Herb Vogt, F334196
Tony Wiese, F178480
Finley Willis, Jr., F41203

Membership/Member Services Committee

John Reynolds, F171042, Chairman
Dave Kessler, F101741D
Jane Roush, F243374
George Schremp, F46727
Otho Tew, Jr., F152425

Nominating Committee (elected 2013-2015 term)

Doug Key, F72824, Chairman
Jim Crimmins, F346017
Wilt Greenwood, F200764
Steve Mann, F29252
Jean Pryor, L12913

Policy and Procedure Committee

Ross Boyer, F268985, Chairman
Alice Bernard, F79098
Sheila Donigan, F5564
Garnetta Mallory, F256138
Jane Roush, F243374

Risk Management Committee

Ned Boston, F226166, Chairman
Steve Czarsty, L79148
Cheryle Lawrence, F133625
Robert Nebel, Jr., F205021
Woodrow Payne, F243641
Randy Presgraves, F129640

Special Operation Procedures Committee

Ross Boyer, F268985, Chairman
Alice Bernard, F79098
Sheila Donigan, F5564
Garnetta Mallory, F256138
Jane Roush, F243374

Technical Advisory Committee

Brett Wolfe, F252125, Chairman
K. Stephen Busick, A45180
Bruce Chong, F31175
Bill Hendrix, F761S
Gary Henry, F243150
Ray Hobbs, F10175
Roger Marble, F399427
Richard Marvin, F415802
Don Osterhout, F229123
John Reynolds, F171042
Brian Speer, F236388


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