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FMCA National Vice President, Great Lakes Area

Roger and Jane Roush

Jane Roush, F243374

Before being elected National Area Vice President of the Great Lakes Area, Jane Roush previously held the positions of Secretary for National RV Great Lakers, Secretary of Great Lakes Area MotorCoach Association, National Director for Tri-State Traveliers and Senior Vice President of Great Lakes Area MotorCoach Association.

During 2008-2009 while working as the captain of Seminar Volunteers for the FMCA International Convention held in Bowling Green, Ohio, Jane displayed her ability to organize and take charge of a large number of fellow FMCA members committed to help make the 2009 a successful international convention.

With that experience she was able to coordinate all the volunteers that were used for the international convention held at Indianapolis in 2012.  This assignment was a real learning tool for her to see how invaluable the staff at FMCA is for the organization.

As a member first appointed to FMCA’s Policy and Procedure Committee in 2007, Jane has been actively involved in working with FMCA to continue the important work assigned to this committee.

After graduating from Bliss Business College, Jane began her business career with GMAC beginning at entry-level accounting and advancing to supervisory level. She has also been an executive secretary for a Roadway Tire Company and in 2006 retired while doing commercial title work in downtown Columbus.

Jane married Roger in May 1972, and they have three adult children.

Jane enjoys yard work, shopping for bargains, camping with old and new friends, and traveling.

She feels strongly about the importance of FMCA in her life and looks forward to continuing her assistance wherever it is warranted. The strength and future of this organization depends on good leadership and strong unity, she says. She looks forward to this new challenge of serving as the Great Lakes Area National Vice President.

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