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FMCA National Vice President, International Area

Bobbi and Alfred Vormittag

Alfred F. Vormittag Jr., F231342

Alfred and his wife, Bobbi, joined FMCA in 1997. Currently they are full-time RVers. Alfred serves on the Membership/Member Services Committee. His responsibilities prior to recently being elected national vice president, International Area, include serving as vice president and senior vice president of the International Area Association (INTO). His service over the years to INTO has included being rally master for the 2011 INTO Area Rally and co-rally master for the 2010 INTO Area Rally.

Alfred has volunteered or been a volunteer captain at Rocky Mountain, South Central, Great Lakes, Western, and Eastern Area rallies approximately 30 times.

Alfred and Bobbi are members of several chapters, including Beaver Ambassador Club, CAT RV Club, Elk International, Military Veterans, Roamin' Catholic International, and Rocky Mountain. Alfred has served as rally master and co-rally master for the Beaver Ambassador Club and the CAT RV Club numerous times. He is a charter member of the CAT RV Club (now the Diesel RV Club) and has served as the chapter’s national and alternate national director.

Alfred was appointed by FMCA national president Connie Pool to handle the radio communications at four international conventions, and was appointed in 2009 by national president Charlie Schrenkel to be Fun and Games crew leader at FMCA's conventions.

Alfred has served the community of Englewood, Colorado, over the years as a city councilman and on various boards and committees, and was on the planning and zoning board of Trinidad, Colorado.

His employment experience includes construction work and rental property ownership. His distinguished military background includes six years as an Army medic, three years with the 82nd Airborne and three years with the 19th Special Forces Group as a Green Beret.

Alfred and Bobbi have been married 23 years. Alfred has two sons.

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