FMCA Committees, 2019-2021

FMCA's committees assist the Executive Board in promoting FMCA's mission and purpose. Most changes in FMCA policies, procedures and member benefits stem from the recommendations from committees.

The national president appoints committee members, who often have a particular interest or skill that falls within the committee's focus. Some committees are ongoing, while others form for a specific term or purpose. Please contact FMCA's National Office at (800) 543-3622 if you have a question for a committee or if you would like to reach any of these members.

Audit Committee

Percy Bell, F371754
Lon Cross, F233066
Alan Ingrassia, F455068
Steve Pickens, F263187
John Reynolds, F171042
George Schremp, F46727
Joe Wright, F51289
Wil Young, F207019
Connie Pool, L140306
Steven Czarsty, L79148

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Connie Pool, L140306, Chairman
Jim Fitzpatrick, F331444
David Fuller, F331444
Patty Pritchard, F442426
Vanessa Simmons, F482756
Bob Weithofer, F253844

Convention Committee

Steve Pickens, F263187, Chairman
Betty Duncan, F253901
Jamie Erickson, F142560S
Ken Lewis, F428158
​Gary Milner, F409834
John Traphagen, F20711D
Courtney Wooge, F484126

Education Committee

Gaye Young, F284657, Chairman
Gary Bunzer, C4113
Bruce Fay, F396122
Steve Froese, F276276
Bert Henderson, F385218
Les Naylor, F231802
Herbert Vogt, F334196

Finance Committee

John Reynolds, F171042, Chairman
Percy Bell, F371754
Lon Cross, F233066
Alan Ingrassia, F455068
Steve Pickens, F263187
Wil Young, F207019
Connie Pool, L140306
Steven Czarsty, L79148

FMCA Chaplains

John Aukema, F460879
Dane Bailey, F419825
Jim Hollis, F450718

FMCA Review Council (elected 2019-2021 term)

Herman Mullins, F302225, Chairman
Andy Balogh, F316832
Dennis Ducharme, F402669
Dick Lowman, F286692
!- Paul Mitchell, F165576
--> Jerry Work, F246153

Governmental and Legislative Affairs Committee

Jack Mayberry, F369343, Chairman
Philip Griffin, F128165
Fred Kennedy, F44281
Bill Mallory, F256138
Barbara Smith, F329936

Magazine Panel

Michael Morton, F409532
Jim Sullivan, F286829
Steve Thomas, F453140
Herb Vogt, F334196
Tony Wiese, F178480

Member Engagement Committee

Ken Carpenter, F312233, Chairman
Jerry Ayres, F350906
Newton Paskin, F351626
Tony Trimarco, F408182

Membership/Member Services Committee

Gary Milner, F409834, Chairman
Kathie Balogh, F316832
Dennis Ducharme, F402669
Dennis Fox, F444718
Harry Hentschel, F104078D
Ken Winters, F414752

Nominating Committee (elected 2019-2021 term)

Lisa Mitchell, F165576, Chairman
Jim Duncan, F253901
Melvin Jones, F385597
!- Kenneth Lewis, F428158
--> Marge Mazzone, F217160
Al Zimmerman, F407361

Policy and Procedure Committee

Ross Boyer, F268985, Chairman
Alice Bernard, F79098
Glenn Nulty, F445658
Brian Smith, F142560D
Rick Starzyk, F449954

Risk Management Committee

Ned Boston, F226166, Chairman
Vicky Ferrari, F369332
Cheryle Lawrence, F133625
​Bob Nebel, F205021
Don Schleuse, F264999

Technical Advisory Committee

Brett Wolfe, F252125, Chairman
Bruce Chong, F31175
​John Clarke, F93441
Steve Froese, F276276
Wilt Greenwood, F200764
Roger Marble, F399427
Richard Marvin, F415802
Richard Stark, F499253
​Bill Trimmer, F439193
​Paul Unmack, C12850

Ad Hoc Committee To Study The National Officer Nomination and Election Process

Rett Porter, F369084, Chairman
Don Crawford, F11012
​Judy Czarsty, L79148
Wilt Greenwood, F200764
​Russ Westcott, F88794